Childhood obesity – who is to blame really for obesity in children

Many argue about responsibility when it comes to children. Most people do not agree to share responsibility for what is happening to kids today.

How do you feel about it? Do you wonder what is wrong with our system?

While people argue and fight over who is to blame, who suffers? How long are you going to stand for it? How long can kids continue with what is happening”to” them? Who is to blame for childhood obesity?

I am.

If I stand around and argue about responsibility, I am equally responsible for letting this go on.
If I just stand by and watch as our kids get bigger and bigger, I am responsible.
If I refuse to accept change, or refuse to realize that change is needed, I am responsible.
If I do not accept to be open-minded about looking for a solution, I am to blame.

I refuse to accept that we cannot or will not do something about childhood obesity, I just talk and talk,and talk… What good does that do? Discussions around the kitchen tables of the country will not make things right.Only action will reverse this terrible trend of childhood obesity.

Accepting responsibility, refusing to blame others, starting at the beginning and look at what is wrong. Stare the truth in the face and take on the responsibility.

Ask yourself if you are part of the problem or part of the solution?

If you have an obese child put yourself in his or her shoes and walk to school with that child. Feel the stares with that child. Sit in the classroom if you dare and see what he sees everyday. I dare you to go the mile in that child’s shoes.
Feel the despair as though you were a child, only do it with the mind you have. I dare you.

I accept the blame, do you? Can you?

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